Call Me Maybe: Experimental Evidence on Frequency and Medium Effects in Microenterprise Surveys

    (with Kate Orkin, Simon Quinn)

    Accepted at the World Bank Economic Review

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    Updated 2019/01

Academic Peer Effects with Different Group Assignment Rules: Residential Tracking versus Random Assignment

    American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2018, 10(3), 345-369.

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Working Papers

Effects of Nationwide Tuition Fee Elimination on Enrollment and Attainment

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    Updated 2017/09

Heterogeneity in the Efficiency of Intrahousehold Resource Allocation: Empirical Evidence and Implications for Investment in Children 
    (with Manuela Angelucci)

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    Updated 2016/09

Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of Alternative Sample Selection Corrections

    (with Josh Hyman)

    Revisions requested at the Journal of Economic and Business Statistics

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    Updated 2018/11

Selected Work in Progress

Direct and Interaction Effects of Cash Transfers and Goal-setting Interventions

    (with Kate Orkin, Mahreen Mahmud, Richard Sedlmayr, Johannes Haushofer, Stefan Dercon)

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Job Search and Hiring with Two-sided Limited Information about Workseekers' Skills

    (with Eliana Carranza, Kate Orkin, Neil Rankin)

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    [draft available on request]

LinkedIn(to) Job Opportunities? Experimental Evidence from a Job Training Program

    (with Laurel Wheeler, Eric Johnson, Patrick Shaw, Marissa Gargano)

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    [draft available on request]